4 ways in which a Cosmetic dentist can brighten your smile

Oral health and hygiene is a part of our routine. Even when we make sure our teeth get a lot of care and attention, we land up in situations that are not so good. With the kind of eating habits we have developed over time, our smile may start fading way if we do not take care of the teeth.

The cosmetic dentary is the art of brightening your smile. Many people today have taken benefit of this medical procedure to enhance the smile which an important part of your personality.

Before you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure, let us explore a different kind of options that are available in the market and do you really need them. The procedures could be long or short depending upon the particular situation.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration is the most common problem and 42.8% of the population suffers the same. The Internet has loads of DIY methods to whiten the teeth but they might not work or might not be safe enough. Visiting a dentist for teeth whitening is a quick and safe process. While it can be done immediately after a quick examination, it is convenient and safe.

Post the procedure you might be asked to keep tap of your oral hygiene more so that you do not land in the same place again.


If you feel the teeth are chipping or cracking or have extra space, it is the perfect time to go for a cosmetic dentistProfessional dentists use safe bonding materials that fill in these gaps and cracks to retain the beauty of your smile.

If restoration is handled by experts, the bonding can stay the same for years.


Smokers often develop these permanently stained teeth or your smile might be looking not so good because of a crooked or broken tooth. This is when the dentist will use porcelain made custom shells to brighten your smile again.

The procedure is longer than the first two as the dentist needs to take an impression of your tooth. You will be required to plan two to three visits to the dentist to get the Veneers fixed.


Crowded teeth may not just make you conscious of your smile, it leads to complications in the future as the cleaning them is a big task. If you have crowded or crooked teeth, you might be asked for a dentist to get them cleaned professionally again and again.

Braces are a way out of the daily trauma. They help you improve the smile and can also help with irregular bite issues. It is a long process and the braces need to be there till the teeth find the right position with the application of pressure by the braces.

To wrap

Your cosmetic dentist is the right person to take care of your smile in the long run. No longer would you require to give a toothless grin. Infuse confidence into your personality and enough teeth longevity with perfect professional cosmetic dentistry.

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