Dental Implants – Market Status, Types, Applications And Development Trends

We are very much concerned about our health and overall wellbeing. Dental and oral health is also important as the teeth and the mouth derive the overall health being the source of food intake. Therefore, a preventive checkup through a certified dentist after a regular interval of six months is highly recommended.

Dental implants:

When it comes to a ‘confident smile’ even the broken, damaged and lost teeth would also need to be replaced or repaired properly. The professional dentists offer dental implants to get rid of these problems. The procedure for dental implants has seen drastic changes due to the introduction of new technology in it. Today, people not only want their repaired or replaced teeth to be strong, but also looking intact. Therefore, the emergence of ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is seen in the overall dental implant market since last decade.

Market analysis of dental implants:

Many companies and institutions have conducted a thorough market research regarding the dental implants. This procedure has played an important contribution to the overall market of around $9.5 Billion. The dentists across the globe are emphasizing on the cost effective and innovative methodology for dental implants. It is observed that the patients in European region seem to be most concerned regarding the aesthetics of their teeth and therefore, the most amount of dental implants are conducted in this territory. Similarly, over the span of next 5 years, this region is forecasted to be the hot spot for these procedures as well.

Types and Applications of dental implants:

As latest technological developments through the continual research are reaching the grass root level of the dentistry market, we can see a steady growth in the implementation of modern methods and procedures in dental implants. Broadly, we can classify the dental implants as follows:

  • According to the procedure, dental implants can be divided into the single stage and two stage procedures.
  • As per the use of material for the dental implants they can be divided as titanium implants, Zirconium implants and internal and external connectors in different shapes and sizes.
  • According to the resulting form, the dental implants can be divided as the root-form and plate-form implants
  • AS per the facility where the implants are executed, the implants can be divided as in the hospitals and clinics, in the dental labs and other facilities.
  • When the overall price of the procedure is concerned, the dental implants can be divided as the premium implants, value implants and the budget implants that are the most affordable options.

Similarly, dental prosthetics that involves the installation of bridges and the dental crowns implanted are also considered as the separate procedures while conducting the market research.

Latest trends in the dental implant market:

  • In the recent past, titanium implants have remained the talk of the town in the dental implants market. There are several benefits of this procedure due to which, it is emerged as the most preferred dental implant procedure in the global market. The titanium implants are much resistant to corrosion and other deterioration factors. Additionally, these implants are comparatively strong and biocompatible with the overall structure of the teeth and gums. Being an affordable yet long lasting option, the patients from across the world have preferred this procedure and even the dentists have recommended this.
  • The manufacturers of dental implants from across the globe are trying to reduce the cost of the existing procedures and also involved in the research for latest inventions as well. Thus, we can expect new product launches, collaborations and mergers in the dental implant market that would lead to drastic changes in the statistics regarding the procedures and the upgrade of the patients and facilities from budget to value and from value to premium implants.

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